Our Lasers

Why Our lasers

Our Gold standard lasers are the best on the market to treat Fungal Infections

No pain, no downtime and no risk

Hot and cold laser treatment For the fraction of the cost

No dangerous oral anti-fungal medications

Our combination treatment allows us to kill the fungus at its source and promote new Nail Growth

Worlds leading fungal nail treatment

Conventional clinics either use one or two wavelengths to treat nail fungus.

Here at the Central Laser Nail Clinic in Birmingham we use three on all our patients! This means better results.

Blue Laser (405mm)

This acts directly upon the fungus and causes changes in the cell wall to destroy the fungal infection.

Red Laser (635mm)

Acts on the body's natural immune cells, fortifying them. The red laser can stimulate and improve blood flow bringing nutrients and additional immune cells to the affected area, speeding up the treatment process.

Hot Laser (1064mm)

This increases the temperature of the fungi and causes cellular apoptosis that destroys the hyphae, thus preventing their reproduction.


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