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Laser Nail Treatment…Finally an Answer To Fungus!

Unlike other clinics we combine lasers to get the best results!

Our Laser Nail Treatment is the gold standard of  laser nail care.

We are the only fungal nail treatment clinic in Birmingham to offer a combination Laser Treatment To Rid Fungal Nail.

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Our combination Laser Treatment is like No Other!

In as little as 4 sessions at 2 week intervals you can regain your bare foot freedom.

Our gold standard lasers are like no other! We are combining two of the best treatments on the market.

The Lunula Laser - 89% success - FDA Approved.

Podilase - 90% success - University Of Barcelona.

This is the best treatment on the market as it combines the Lunula Laser and Podilase which is the only medically researched fungal treatment on the market.

This kills fungus at its source and promotes New Nail Growth!

The superior option compared to toenail fungus sprays, lotions or oral prescription pills, without the dangerous side effects.

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As seen in Top London Clinics and on TV

Combination of hot and cold fungal laser nail treatments!

Conventional clinics either use one or two wavelengths to treat nail fungus. Here at the Central Laser Nail Clinic in Birmingham we use three on all our patients! This means better results.

The most advanced technology on the market

The Lunula laser has even featured on ITV’s This Morning to showcase how it works at preventing further fungal nail growth and helping you regain beautiful feet again.

Why choose Central Laser Nail Clinic in Birmingham?


22 Years of Experience

Our resident chiropodist Mrs Harvi Takhar is a member of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and has over 22 years experience in the field. You can be assured of first class attention when you deal with us.

State of the art technology

We have sourced the most cutting edge technology to deliver you the best results that lasers can provide.

3 Locations in Birmingham

We are based in 3 different locations in the Birmingham area meaning you can come to see us at the most convenient place for you. Book your place with us today to avoid disappointment.


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