Fungal Nail Treatment

How do you know if you need fungal nail treatment?

Are you embarassed to go barefoot anywhere? Are your nails thick and causing discomfort?

You may have a fungal nail infection of the nail bed medically termed ‘Onychomycosis’.

Fungal nail infections are fairly common and affect up to 1 in 10 of the adult population. Fungal nail infections can be very hard to treat and even with fungal nail treatment there is no guarantee of long lasting cure.

Fungal nail infections affect people from all walks of life and can cause you to suffer a loss of confidence and find reasons not to show your feet.

Onychomycosis, fungal nail infection is the most common disease of the nails and causes about half of all nail abnormalities.

Fungal nail infections (onychomycosis) can be difficult to treat, but thanks to today’s advanced technology, it is now possible to address this nail condition, improving and, in many cases, curing it

Which treatments are available for fungal nail infections?

In general, home remedies and medication are recommended in the first instance, although their effectiveness can vary, depending on the severity of the condition.

One home remedy is to trim the nails, helping to reduce pain by taking pressure off the nails. This technique can be used in tandem with an antifungal drug, allowing the medication to penetrate the deeper nail layers which can be hard to reach.

The nail can be softened with urea creams, before trimming with a nail file. As with several ‘first line’ fungal nail treatments, it should be noted that this technique can take a long time to produce results, and repeat infections can be common.

Oral antifungal drugs can be effective in clearing the infection and helping a new nail to grow which is free from infection. This is intended to achieve a new nail which eventually replaces the infected section. These types of antifungal drugs include itraconazole and terbinafine. You usually take these drugs for a course of around six to 12 weeks, but it can take five or six months for the infection to be eliminated and a new nail to grow back.

Medicated nail cream can be prescribed by your doctor. This is rubbed into the infected nail after it is soaked. This medication can be used best in tandem with trimming your nails in order to help it reach the fungus which is located underneath the nail surface.

Medicated nail polish such as ciclopirox is another treatment which can be recommended. It is painted on to the infected nail and the skin surrounding it on a daily basis. The polish is then cleaned off with alcohol after a week before the layering begins again. This treatment can require as long as a year to be effective.

Which are the best treatments for fungal nail infections?

For many people, the best treatment for fungal nail infections could be laser treatment, which is shown in a study to offer a 91 per cent clinical improvement rate and 30 per cent cure rate in patients at 180 days.

Laser treatment for fungal nails works with a laser device that emits energy pulses, producing heat. The heat is able to penetrate through the nail to the bed where the fungus is located. The infected tissue then decomposes, which has the effect of eliminating the fungus, as well as the skin and nail surrounding it.

Which fungal nail infection treatment is right for me?

The effectiveness of fungal nail infection treatments can vary and will depend on the nature of an individual’s condition. If you are looking for a highly effective procedure which does not have the potential side effects of oral medication, laser treatment can be a suitable option.

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Common Symptoms of Fungal Nail Infections Requiring Fungal Nail Treatment

Discoloured or thickened nails

Brittle or painful nails

Green, yellow or black discolouration

Fungal Nail Treatment options

Do Nothing

Fungal nail can be left without fungal nail treatment and can be cut, filed and tidied up. However, the appearance will annoy you and the underlying problem will not be fixed.

  • Doesn’t fix the underlying problem

Topical Treatments

Paints and lacquers such as Curanail, ClearZel and Loceryl which are fungal nail treatments for ‘very mild fungal nail infections’ can be applied.

  • Largely ineffective

Oral medication

Terbinafine tablets (Lamisil) are common fungal nail treatment tablets used to treat fungal nail infection. Average 60% effective.

  • Reported side effects include rashes, migraines and possible liver damage.

Other Clinics

Fungal Nail Treatment should only consist of either Hot or Cold lasers, We use Both For the best Results!

  • Our Hot laser is like no other it is pain free unlike Other clinics as it is a specialised machine to treat onychosis as Researched in the university of Barcelona and is the only one within the Midlands.

Our Fungal Nail Laser Treatment – Finally An answer to Fungal Nail Infections

With our Laser Nail Treatments there are some increased benefits

No side effects

Painless! (unlike many other Laser treatments)

Can also be used on fingernails

Flexible payment options available

Lunula Laser

97% of subjects demonstrated new growth of clear nails

1st and only FDA Market cleared device for new clear nail growth at 6 months

CE marked to treat Fungal Nails


90% successful

The only medically researched nail fungus treatment

Study done by the university of Barcelona, treating 150 patients, using the Podilase, results have proved a success rate of 90%

Painless unlike many other hot lasers due to the wattage (40-70w)

Treatment Options at Central Laser Nail Clinic in Birmingham

When you get in touch with us at Central Laser Nail Clinic in Birmingham we will offer you a Treatment plan based on your individual requirements.

Our Standard package consists of treating each area with our combination treatment 4 times, ideally every 2 weeks, but with no longer than 4 weeks between each treatment.

Not all fungal nail infections respond to treatment at the same rate therefore the number of treatments required is dependent on the length and severity of the infection.

Price Match: We Will not be beaten on price!

If You find another alternative Laser Treatment of the same effectiveness at a more affordable cots than ours, We will match and deduct a further 5%. This Includes any HOT or COLD laser treatments.

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Each Treatment Plan consists of

A consultation carried out by a registered Chiropodist

Nail preparation and debridement

Photographs to monitor progress

Reviews at 3/6/9 & 12 months

After care advice


£35 – Will be taken for the consultation to diagnose, educate and place you on the correct treatment plan.

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